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As Safir Berry, with our expertise comes from our know-how that is increased with local, national and international collaborations and with more than 50 years of industry experience in fruit growing and marketing; we produce blueberry, raspberry and blackberry plants and fruit on our 250,000 square meter land in Bursa, Manisa and Antalya.

In everything we make, we are working with all our strength not only to contribute to Turkey’s export potential, but also to help Turkey to become one of the leading countries in the sector.

Thanks to our orchards under plastic tunnels, hail/rain net systems and on open air in different regions, we create different climatic conditions and we can grow many different varieties of blueberry. With this production method we have achieved to extend the harvest time up to 7-8 months, so we can supply the market longer and contribute to the increase of blueberry consumption in Turkey and exports from Turkey.

As Safir Berry; we have the technical expertise, permits and certificates, including plant and fruit production, product processing, packaging, export stages and we share our expertise with our fellow producers.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge we have gained in the sector so far, we are building turn-key blueberry orchards for our investors/growers.

Starting with our nursery operations, our integrated investment model supports our fellow growers by offering solutions from field to shelf, including blueberry production, packaging, distribution and marketing.

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